Teak patio set restoration 

A few years ago, we were gifted a beautiful teak patio set. We put it up on our balcony and used it for a while, and then shamefully, we neglected it for several years out in the elements. Recently, we brought it down and decided to see if we could restore it back to its former glory. And we did, beyond my wildest dreams!! Teak is an amazing wood.

This set was absolutely covered in algae. I thought there was maybe a chance we could restore it until I saw how bad of shape it (appeared) to be in. If there was any saving it, I figured it was going to take a lot of sanding and elbow grease. However, Scott borrowed our neighbor’s gas powered pressure washer and took it to the table to see what would happen. The results were nothing short of amazing. In order to clean the table effectively, you have to hold the nozzle very close to the table and direct the water away from you, with the grain of the wood, using it like a knife to scrape off the algae. You want to use consistent pressure and keep it moving so as not to create ripples in the soft wood. It takes quite a bit of patience to get all of the algae off, and my hands were still vibrating for quite a while after I was done from holding that nozzle for so long, but the results are more than worth it!

Next, we let the wood dry well, and then took sand paper and lightly sanded any rough spots, as well as the backs and armrests of the chairs, to make sure everything was nice and smooth. Finally, we donned our rubber gloves and brushed on some teak oil. The wood was very thirsty and just soaked it up. When we do reapplications in the future, it will probably be necessary to use a dry paint roller over the surface after a little bit to soak up any excess but that was certainly not an issue on this go round.

Finally, we moved our beautiful restored set into place, got a beautiful new umbrella for it, and sat down and enjoyed!!