Garden Update: Week of July 8, 2017

What’s new/what’s been happening:
New tomato cages, new camera, finally a place for wildflowers!

new tomato cages
Bright new cages for the peppers!
My birthday late last week brought me some wonderful presents that will help to enhance the garden and this blog! First, thanks to my cousin Lydia, my peppers now have bright, colorful tomato cages around them. Good timing too, because I noticed that the two bigger plants both have quite a few tiny peppers growing. Also, I got a new camera – many thanks to my wonderful family. Now I will be able to take much better photos, and I’m hoping to learn how to take more creative and artistic photos as well. I’ve always enjoyed photography – and now I have excellent equipment and a plentiful favorite subject – flowers! On the subject of flowers – I found some beautiful flower pots on clearance at Lowe’s, so I bought a couple and am going to plant wildflower seeds in them since the area where I tried to grow wildflowers before floods too much for them to grow. I can’t wait to share pictures of my beautiful wildflower pots! Also, I finally found a garden to volunteer in! More about that below.

What’s Growing:
Broccoli, Tomato, Zucchini, Spinach and Lettuce
Foxglove, Beebalm, Sunflower

In last week’s post, we harvested a bunch of broccoli. This week, I noticed that we are getting lots of secondary heads of broccoli growing around where I harvested. I can’t wait to have some more fresh broccoli for dinner! In other exciting news – my first tomato of the season is almost ripe!! I can’t wait to eat a fresh tomato out of my own garden!! Hoping for a bumper crop this year – I’m already planning on making sauces, salsa, and all sorts of other treats and trying my hand at canning for this first time. Regarding canning –  I have a few experienced people who have offered to give me a hand for the first time to make sure I get it right. You do not want to screw up canning and make everyone who eats your food sick. Of course, I will share those experiences here when the time comes. There is a zucchini growing in my big mess of zucchini leaves – likely more than one but definitely one I can see. I also noted last week that I planted some spinach and lettuce under the cantaloupe arbor, since the cantaloupe are now happily growing up and over. I’m delighted to report that in just one week, seedlings are already coming up! I’m really hoping the spinach does a lot better in its new home. If so, I will definitely reconsider where I plant it next year. Still nothing really from the cauliflower – there are a few plants that look less unhealthy than the others but I think the flooding in that garden bed has really taken a toll on them, and to a lesser but still significant extent, the broccoli. We are already thinking of ways we can improve that bed next year, which most likely will involve building it up another foot and running some drainage tubing under the soil.

Update:  After I wrote this post gushing about my tomato, I went home to find it and the one next to it stripped from the plant! So bummed!! Fortunately whatever animal took those two tomatoes left all the other green ones. So the wait for a fresh tomato continues!!

The weather has been great for the flowers lately, and they have all responded by absolutely exploding with growth. In particular, the fox glove I planted early this season finally has buds on it, and the bee balm I had to cut down a few weeks ago due to powdery mildew has new, healthy leaves on it – maybe there is hope for some fall blooms after all! My sunflowers are blooming now, and I am so excited about a surprise white and red sunflower. It is particularly beautiful, in my opinion.

What I’ve Experienced:
Growing Places Indy – Volunteering in an urban garden
Indianapolis Zoo – my favorite place to browse tons of plants for photos and inspiration

This weekend brought me the incredible opportunity to volunteer for Growing Places Indy, an organization in town that emphasizes wellness through healthy food and farming, eating well, mindfulness, yoga, self-exploration, etc. They fund their efforts through a series of urban farms in the city, and they sell their produce to restaurants and at farmers markets. The proceeds support their other programming, and they also match food assistance funds at the Farmer’s Market so that lower-income members of the community have better access to fresh, healthy food. In fact, their whole mantra of Grow Well, Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well resonates with me and how I strive to live. So it was with great enthusiasm that I took the opportunity to volunteer in one of the gardens downtown on Sunday. In fact, I walk and jog past this garden on my lunch quite frequently and have always been curious about it, so it was really great to get to see it up close and learn more about it and the mission. I also learned the proper way to harvest greens (I have been doing it all wrong!) and how to prune a tomato (I will put up some videos demonstrating both in the very near future!). I am very excited to get more involved with this organization and continue to help in the garden this summer and fall and then volunteer with their Winter Farmer’s Market program this winter.

I also went with my family to one of our favorite places – the Indianapolis Zoo. I love the animals, but also particularly enjoy all the plants and flowers throughout the grounds. I always draw such inspiration from the different flowers and plants and how they are planted and grouped and presented. It was fun to bring my camera along for the ride. Here are some of my photos (and a couple of fun animal pictures for good measure).

And some other photos! 

As always, here are some flower pictures I took this week, and one of a neighbor’s yard that I thought was particularly pretty from when we were out on a family walk. Also, I had to get up on the roof to check out some repair work, so I took an “aerial” photo of the garden. Enjoy!