Painted Rock Garden MarkersĀ 

rocks 2
Let your imagination run away with you! I love my bug rocks. As you can see on the left side, even my little boy got into the rock painting.

Great for marking plants in your garden and for making fun and imaginative decor!

As I browse Pinterest and see so many supremely talented people come up with interesting ways to decorate their gardens and mark their plants, I am always inspired but in the back of my mind, I know that I don’t really have the artistic talent to create some of the interesting ideas people come up with. Until…. I started to see some posts of people painting rocks. I can paint rocks!

The key was to find the perfect paints. I used Patio Paints, found at any craft store. (I am not in any way affiliated with Patio Paints and get no $ for endorsing them – I just think they’re great). If you pay attention, you can get them on sale and they are quite affordable. In fact, as you can see from the photo, I might have gone overboard a bit when I purchased my paint. These are very forgiving and I have used them with great success for painting rocks and flower pots. (Paint is a great way to spruce up an old, tired flower pot because let’s face it, pots are expensive! But that is for another post!) I tried both regular bristle paint brushes and foam brushes to add the base coat, and will say in general I was more pleased with the bristle brushes for the rocks. patio paint

I also needed to find the perfect rocks. Fortunately for me, my in-laws have a quarter mile long driveway filled with rocks, and they were more than happy to send me home with a 5 gallon bucket full of interesting rocks. I would recommend finding rocks that are smooth and with interesting shapes, but big enough to be able to write/draw on.

So I had my rocks, and I had my paints. From there, it was pretty simple. I washed the rocks and dried them (although there were a few rocks I did not let dry all the way, and another few I didn’t even wash all the way – just make sure you get the dirt and dust off of them so the paint will stick. I’m not very patient. They still turned out just fine). Then, I went to town! It was helpful to first make a list of all my plants and determine what rocks I needed. I also let my imagination run away with me and made some whimsical decorations for the front flower garden. After I painted my designs, I let them dry all the way. This paint didn’t really have to dry all that long between coats – about 10 minutes was just fine if I was changing colors, less time if I was doing a second coat of the same color. I sprayed a clear glossy coat over the first batch of rocks I did, and subsequent batches I just put out when the Patio Paint dried. Time will tell if the clear coat makes a difference, and I will update accordingly.

My first attempt at painted rocks
I created an entire collection of garden markers and garden decorations for the cost of scavenging some rocks and buying some paint and paintbrushes. Every time people are over looking at my garden, they compliment my beautiful rocks. If I can make some rocks look awesome, you can too!!