September Garden

Fall harvest 9.22.17

My goodness, this summer got busy. I say that because it is the truth – we started doing some significant renovations on the house, went on vacation, and just a lot of other activities. And also because it is kind of a cop out and excuse for the fact that if I’m totally honest with myself, my exuberance and enthusiasm for the garden kind of just got overshadowed by other things, and I kind of let it (and this blog) go by the wayside. The vegetables struggled this year, partly because they got so much rain early in the season, and then I was kind of out of the habit of watering as much as I should later in the season. I struggled with powdery mildew this year as well, leading me to pull some stuff up earlier than I would have just because it was too far gone to save and I didn’t want it infecting the healthy plants. I can’t say I had a fantastic harvest of anything – although I have had some good tomatoes, and my carrots are definitely ready to harvest. My flowers in front are doing amazing though – due in large part to the fact that I finally stopped over watering them and gave them that great mid-season fertilizer boost.

So it’s September. Time to pull up the garden, reflect on what worked this year, what didn’t, why I ran out of steam, and start planning for next year. On dock for this weekend – potting up the tropicals and taking them inside for the winter, and planting the Allium, Tulip, and Crocus bulbs I have for next spring. Pulling up the remaining vegetables plants that are done for the season and throwing them in the compost, emptying out all my pots, and getting my tools and stuff organized so I can find it next spring. I am also thinking about doing some research on using cold frames so I can start a little earlier next year, when I’m good and stir crazy and itching to be outside. It might be a project that we will make and if so, I’ll share the tutorial! The renovations we are in the middle of might yield some great windows we can use for these.

And let’s also be sure to celebrate the beautiful fall flowers – mums!! My goodness, are my mum plants huge and covered in buds and flowers! They are such a beautiful way to greet the wonderful fall season! And carrots – so many carrots! It takes a long time to grow them but it is such a joy to harvest them. So pleased at that harvest. Happy fall gardening friends and looking forward to planning for a wonderful next year!