Simple DIY hack – when you need to stake a plant 

My beautiful, top heavy Phlox was badly in need of something to give it a little support as it was leaning really badly, with parts of it even laying on the ground. I needed something simple to stake it up that wouldn’t look like total crap but ideally was already laying around the garage. Enter PVC pipe leftover from our DIY squash arbor in the backyard! Leaving it white would stand out way too much but I found a can of soft green spray pain in the garage. A couple quick coats, and I stuck it in the ground next to my Phlox and gently secured it with a strip of nylon pantyhose. If you didn’t know – nylons are the best thing ever for supporting all sorts of plants – I swear by them when it comes to staking tomatoes!! And it makes me feel better about the fact a pair of nylons rarely lasts me more than two wearings – at least they get to be spared the trash can!! And now my Phlox are standing up straight and pretty!