Beach beauty

I believe that the love of a beautiful flower garden and the love of taking a beautiful photo share the same sort of eye for something magnificent and the same joy of finding it. Recently, my family had the amazing opportunity to visit Nagshead, NC with some good friends in early September. In the spirit of focusing on the “adventures” part of gardening adventures, I wanted to share some of my photography from the trip. Please enjoy (and please do not use without permission!)

Going to see the sunset at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Sun reflecting off the water at Jockey’s Ridge

Sunset view from dinner at the Nagshead Fishing Pier

Kite Festival atop the sand dunes at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Wall art at Jeanette’s Pier

Highway 12 – it actually runs all the way down to the ocean and along the beach!

Morning view from our balcony

Sunset over the ocean at Jockey’s Ridge

Sunset over the ocean at Jockey’s Ridge

Wildlife Preserve

Old Coast Guard buildings on Wildlife Preserve

Nagshead Fishing Pier

Wild mustangs in the Wildlife Preserve

A frog on the wall of our condo

View from the Nagshead Fishing Pier

Moon over the ocean

Nagshead Fishing Pier