Garden Update – July 1, 2017

Well, the weekend is finally upon us and it turns out, it is one of my favorite weekends of the year! The 4th of July! Well, not until Tuesday but it means it’s a long weekend so that is something to celebrate!

We got a deluge of rain Friday. which you can see from the waterlogged gardens. It was crazy, it came down so fast the water was just pooling everywhere. Fortunately, the weather dried out over the next few days. I know the plants needed that rain because I haven’t been watering a lot due to the ongoing threat of impending storms.  But I also think a lot of my early plants suffered from the continuous rain in the early spring. Anyway, I’m glad the weather improved because we have family visiting for the weekend and wanted to spend some time outside!!



Harvested this weekend!!

todays harvest
Broccoli, green beans, and a bell pepper fresh from the garden.
Well, after I wrote the introductory paragraph in a rain storm on Friday, Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. And I harvested some lettuce, broccoli, green beans, and a bell pepper. We put the lettuce straight to work on some BLTs! I can’t wait until later this summer when we have BLTs with our lettuce AND our tomatoes!! I now have 6 tomatoes on my Early Girl – but none are ripe yet. We also enjoyed broccoli with dinner (there is nothing quite so tasty as vegetables picked that same day!) and made a big thing of green beans (with a bit of bacon!) to share as a side dish for the 4th of July Symphony on the Prairie.

A beautiful evening at Symphony on the Prairie – a wonderful Indiana tradition!
Flowers blooming

Some pictures of our beautiful flowers. The butterfly bush has its first flowers of the season, and this is the first sunflower to show its lovely face as well! I was thrilled to see the Delphinium displaying another round of flowers. I thought when I bought it at the Farmer’s Market it might be done for the season but I was delightfully wrong!!

Everything needs a little support, sometimes…

I posted earlier this week about using some spray painted PVC pipe to prop up my Phlox (check it out!). Well, in the vegetable garden, I noticed that there were quite a few other plants who could use a little support. The zucchini are growing prolifically and were encroaching greatly on the cantaloupe, and the broccoli plants were starting to lean onto the kale. Most of the green beans benefited from a piece of fence I put in front of the first row but there was one plant that the fencing did not extend to that needed a little help, and my first pepper to bear fruit needed something to hold it up. So armed with some small sections of trellis and PVC pipe, I went to work and helped these plants out. Several years ago, I bought some square tomato cages that did not do well at all for my tomatoes; however, with a pair of wire snips, I have deconstructed them and they are wonderful for supporting rows of crops! I have them between all my green beans, and now they are helping to keep the broccoli plants standing straight and not leaning over the kale, and also gave the cantaloupe a little breathing room. A few re-purposed items and the garden looks much tidier and everything has its own space again!

broccoli supported - Copy
Broccoli standing up straight again

Cantaloupe growing up the arbor

Zucchini with its new fencing is no longer smothering the cantaloupe

Bell pepper with its new PVC support
And something new!!

After I put up a little fencing to help the zucchini stay on their side of the garden, and was able to get a good look at how well the cantaloupe are doing climbing up the arbor, I decided to do something with the big space in the middle of the cantaloupe bed. What a better place than in the shade of the big zucchini leaves and cantaloupe that will soon be growing over the arbor to plant some romaine and spinach. The spinach did terrible in the other area where I had them planted. I’m very excited to see if they do better in this area. I think there is a great chance that they will!

new lettuce and spinach




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